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The Center for Facial, Headache and TMJ Pain

Our clinical staff carefully evaluates each patient to first determine the underlying causes of their pain, then takes an integrated approach to objectively evaluate the best treatment options available.

Treatment may include customized CAD-CAM intraoral appliances,

Botox treatment, or a non-CPAP sleep appliance 

eliminatiion of debilitating pain using advanced technology combiined with proven techniques

Procedures performed by The Center for Facial, Headache and TMJ Pain are considered medical in nature and are often covered under medical insurance. Our staff will assist you with obtaining benefits from your carrier (including Medicare if you are eligible) and will file claims electronically as a courtesy. All fees are the responsibility of the patient regardless of coverage. 

Dr. Jeff Danner, director of The Center for Facial, Headache and TMJ Pain, has years of experience helping patients to eliminate pain. His extensive international training in computerized instrumentation for neuromuscular issues of the head, neck, face and jaw allow him to create customized, integrated treatment plans with documented results.